Concerns about third party collection and processing of ballot forms for election of Standing Committee members

Dear Convocation members,

In response to concerns raised by members of Convocation in regard to the collection and processing of ballot forms through a third party, the Standing Committee has discussed and come to a decision at a meeting on 7 June 2023, that clarification on the Voting Arrangements is needed to ensure no breach of Convocation Rule 31 .

1. As per Notice of Ordinary General Meeting 2023 issued on 25 May 2023, Convocation Members shall cast their votes in one of the following modes: (i) By Graduate eVoting: by 17:59 on 9 June 2023 (Friday) (ii) By Ballot Forms: by 18:00 on 16 June 2023 (Friday) (iii) In Person: at the Ordinary General Meeting on 21 June 2023 (Wednesday).

2. For clarification on the validity of ballot forms, please refer to the updated Clause 14 of the Voting Arrangements on the official Convocation website:

Alex CHAN Wo Shun
Clerk of Convocation

8 June 2023