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Convocation Conference : The Future of Hong Kong- What Next?

Election Results Notice

OGM Notice 2015

Election Notice 2015

Joint Convocation Conference (April 18)
"Hall & College Education at HKU & College Spirit at CUHK --
in Retrospect and Looking Ahead"
「港大舍堂/學院教育與中大書院精神 -- 回顧與展望」

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Convocation Talk: Investment Positioning and Diversification
in a Changing Economic Environment

Election Result Notice 2014

Notice of Ordinary General Meeting 2014 

Election Notice 2014    

Convocation Talk: "Life & Investment" Talk by Mr Arthur Shek
「投資 • 人生」講座 石鏡泉先生

HKU Convocation - "Meet the Legislators Series"
"香港立法機關 - 過去、現在、將來"

立法會主席 曾鈺成先生

Election Result Notice 2013

Notice of Ordinary General Meeting 2013

Election Notice 2013

Joint Convocation Conference (April 13)

"Nurturing 21st Century Talents -
The Way Forward for CUHK & HKU"
「培育 21世紀人才 - 中大與港大的前瞻」

Election Result:
Election of an alumnus/alumna to
the Selection Committee for the Next VC


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Convocation Mission

Any graduate from the University of Hong Kong is a member of the University for life and automatically becomes a member of Convocation, a body established officially under the University's Ordinance and Statutes comprising all graduates and teachers.

Membership of Convocation gives a HKU graduate unique privileges. It acts as an official channel, allowing members to convey to the University his/her views about the University. Members can also participate in matters relating to the development of HKU.

If you are a HKU graduate and wish to re-establish contact with Convocation or the University, you may send an Email to, or fax 2517 6351or write to the Secretary to Convocation, c/o Development & Alumni Affairs Office, G/F Hung Hing Ying Building, The University of Hong Kong. Communications via the internet are welcome.

Report on the Future of
the University of Hong Kong

Submitted by Convocation
Standing Committee

October 2012

HKU Convocation Contact Update

Event Highlights
Let's Talk and Achieve Universal Suffrage 有商有量實現普選行政長官
Mrs Carrie Lam
Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR
政務司司長 林鄭月娥
"Life & Investment" Talk
「投資 • 人生」講座

Mr Arthur Shek
HKU Convocation -
"Meet the Legislators Series"
"香港立法機關 -

Mr Jasper Tsang, President of the Legislative Council
立法會主席 曾鈺成先生
Home owning Dreams - Trends & Implications of the Soaring Property Prices on Potential Homeowners

Mr Shih Wing Ching
Founder of Centaline Property Agency Limited
Mr Raymond Tam, GBS, JP

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs
Mr Rimsky Yuen
袁國強 大律師

Secretary for Justice