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CNews Summer Issue, 2015

Summer Issue, 2015

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Welcome to the Convocation Website which is meant to provide members useful updates on what is going on. Over time, we hope to develop a mechanism that can gather useful information for the University family and help our alma mater fulfill its mission and vision. For my part, I have started a column to share with members my personal views and views of the Standing Committee on issues from time to time. They are set out in the order they were written. I am doing this because I am conscious that I cannot possibly get to the over 162,000 members of our institution; and this is a first try. Tell us what you think.

John Wan
Chairman of Convocation

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"Asia's Global University - Our vision for 2016-2025"

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Convocation Mission

Any graduate from the University of Hong Kong is a member of the University for life and automatically becomes a member of Convocation, a body established officially under the University's Ordinance and Statutes comprising all graduates and teachers.

Membership of Convocation gives a HKU graduate unique privileges. It acts as an official channel, allowing members to convey to the University his/her views about the University. Members can also participate in matters relating to the development of HKU.

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