Election of Members to the Standing Committee of Convocation

Below are the results of the Election of Eight Standing Committee Members at the OGM held on 21 June 2023:


No. of valid votes

1 CHAN, Ka Kin King 陳家健 1,125 Elected
2 CHAN, Shiu Bun Spencer 陳紹斌
1,131 Elected
3 FAN, Hoi Kit Alex 范凱傑 332 Not-elected
4 FU, King Wa 傅景華 1,154 Elected
5 HUNG, Cheung Kwong 孔祥光
86 Not-elected
6 HUNG, Man Ching Alex 洪文正
342 Not-elected
7 LAI, Tsz Kit Danny 黎子傑 340 Not-elected
8 LAW, Bik Kwan Chickita 羅碧君 406 Elected
9 LING, Wai Hang Henry 凌煒鏗 345 Not-elected
10 LIU, Kai Man 廖啟民 324 Not-elected
11 MAK, Wing Man Annabelle 麥穎文 533 Elected
12 SHEE, Shing Chung Eddie 舒盛宗 1,118 Elected
13 WONG, Kai Tung Simon 黃繼東 1,129 Elected
14 WONG, Wa Fred 王華 98 Not-elected
15 YEUNG, Chi Tat Rex 楊志達 458 Elected
16 YIP, Sze Tsun Ronald 葉思進 366 Not-elected
17 ZHAO, Nan 趙楠 70 Not-elected

Total number of voters by eVoting : 1,648
Total number of voters by paper ballots : 85
Total number of voters by presence at OGM : 17
Total number of VOTERS: 1,750

According to Paragraph 28 of Convocation Constitution, the above elected members shall hold office for a term of three years, commencing immediately following the close of the Ordinary General Meeting in 2023 until the Ordinary General Meeting in 2026.

Convocation Secretariat

June 2023

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