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Spring Issue, 2017

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Chairman's Message

Dear Fellow Convocation members,

This year’s Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) was held on 22nd June, 2017 in which I reported the work of the five subcommittees of the Standing Committee (SC). The OGM also sanctioned the continuation of the office of Dr Christian Xinshuo FANG 方欣碩 (MBBS 2003) who has been elected by the SC to fill the casual vacancy in the SC under paragraph 31 of Convocation Constitution, until OGM 2018.

Eight members were elected by the Convocation at the OGM to fill the rotational vacancies in SC. 5,271 members voted in the election of which 3,887 voters (74%) casted their votes electronically. They are :

Mr. King CHAN Ka Kin 陳家健 (BA 2001)

Ms. Gloria CHANG Wan Ki 張韻琪 (BSocSc 2001)

Mr. Alan CHEUNG Ka Lun 張家倫(BSc 1982)

Professor FU King Wa 傅景華 (B Eng-EEE 1993, PhD 2009)

Ms. Agnes IP Yuen Yu 葉畹茹 (BBA(Law) 2004, LLB 2005)

Mr. Keith KIU Wai Fung 喬偉峰 (BEcon 1999)

Mr. Dantes LEUNG Wing Chak 梁泳澤 (LLB 2005, PCLL 2006)

Mr Bond SZE Yuk Shing 施旭成 (BSW 2011)

The new SC members brought with them diversity, competence and commitment representative of The University of Hong Kong community. I and other SC members will have an active and vibrant year working together for Convocation and HKU.

The Hon Mr Ip Kin Yuen 葉建源 (BA 1984) was elected ipso facto on 11th July,2017 as the alumni’s representative in the Selection Committee for the Next President & Vice-Chancellor. The SC will organize a Convocation Forum around end of August with the Hon Mr Ip and several other members of the Selection Committee as panel members. Details will be notified to members soon.

At the first SC meeting held on 17th July, 2017, the members resolved to send a letter to the University Council urging it to conduct as appropriate consultation for all stakeholders on the recommendations of the University Governance Review Panel and Council Working Party reports. The letter has been sent on 27th July 2017 and members can view it here :

The SC will be electing among themselves six new University Court members to replace the vacancies created by departed SC members. It will also elect among themselves the Convenors of the various subcommittees. We shall inform members when the results are known.

For me, I look forward to welcome the new HKU students at their Inauguration Ceremony on 30th August, 2017. They are our prospective members upon their graduation. The SC plans to involve them and other current HKU students in some of Convocation’s activities.

Meanwhile, wish you all have a happy and enjoyable summer.

Yours truly,

Patrick S C POON 潘燊昌 (BSc 1970)
Chairman of Convocation
27th July 2017

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