HKU Convocation Extraordinary General Meeting (29 Nov 2015)
Voting Results

HKU Convocation Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held on 29 November 2015 at Hui Pun Hing Lecture Hall, The University of Hong Kong. This EGM was convened, pursuant to the Constitution & Rules of Convocation, at four written requests with a total of 5 motions, received by the Chairman of Convocation.

Number of HKU Convocation Members: 165,450
Number of HKU Convocation Members entitled to vote present or by proxy ("Registered Voters") at this EGM: 4,454

HKU Convocation Rule 19 provides that all resolutions or motions which may be put to vote at a general meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members entitled to vote present in person or by proxy. Therefore, any resolution or motion shall be passed upon receiving 2,228 or more votes which are voted FOR that resolution or motion. Voting was conducted for the 5 motions.


香港大學畢業生議會特別會議 (2015年11月29日)

香港大學畢業生議會特別會議已於2015年11月29日在香港大學許磐卿講堂舉行, 是次特別會議根據香港大學畢業生議會憲章及議事規則, 在議會主席收到四個書面申請(共五項動議)後召開。

香港大學畢業生議會會員人數: 165,450
出席是次特別會議之有投票權的會員及已授權投票的會員: 4,454

根據香港大學畢業生議會議事規則第19條, 所有決議或動議必須得到出席大會之有投票權的會員人數和授權票的總和之大多數才可通過。因此, 是次大會的任何決議或動議必須得到 2,228 或以上的贊成票才獲通過。

大會就五項動議進行投票, 點算票數結果, 包括: 贊成票 (Voted FOR); 反對票 (Voted AGAINST); 棄權票 (Voted ABSTAIN); 廢票 (Votes VOIDED); 出席(包括授權票) 而沒有投票(Present (proxy/proxies included) but not voted)


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