Notice of Ordinary General Meeting 2019

Notice is hereby given that the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) of Convocation will be held on Thursday, 20 June 2019, at 6:30 pm at Senior Common Room, 14/F K. K. Leung Building, The University of Hong Kong.

Members are invited to attend the OGM. For admission to the Meeting and verification purpose:
i) If you are a graduate, please present your HKID Card (or Passport, if HKID Card is not available);
ii) If you are a HKU teaching staff and not a graduate, please present your HKU Staff Card.

A member who cannot attend the OGM in person may appoint a proxy to vote on businesses other than election of candidates to the Standing Committee under item 3 on the Order of Business (Rule 24).

The instrument for appointing a proxy must be in writing, signed by the member appointing the proxy and deposited with the Clerk of Convocation before 6:00 pm on Friday, 14 June 2019.

Order of Business
1. To receive and confirm the Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting held on 21 June 2018.

2. To receive a report from the Chairman.

3. To elect eight members of the Standing Committee from the candidates listed in the Schedule:

4. Any other business which the Chairman considers urgent and directs to be transacted without notice thereof having been given.

Elaine LIU
Clerk of Convocation
23 May 2019

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