"Hall & College Education at HKU & College Spirit at CUHK

-- in Retrospect and Looking Ahead"

港大舍堂/學院教育與中大書院精神 -- 回顧與展望

Organised by HKU Convocation and CUHK Convocation

香港大學畢業生議會 香港中文大學校友評議會 合辦


The 3rd Joint Convocation Conference organised by HKU Convocation and CUHK Convocation will be held on April 18, 2015 at the HKU Campus.  The topic of this Conference is "Hall & College Education at HKU & College Spirit at CUHK – in Retrospect and Looking Ahead". Participants are also welcome to join the post-event lunch and Centennial Campus tour.


2012年及2013年聯合主辦教育研討會,香港中文大學校友評議會與香港大學畢業生議會將再接再厲,於本年418(星期六)再次合作,舉辦以「港大舍堂/學院教育與中大書院精神 -- 回顧與展望」為主題之研討會,歡迎所有中大及港大校友參加。會後亦設有午餐及百周年校園導賞團供中大及港大校友自由參與。

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Details 詳情如下:Coverage on the Conference

Date 日期

April 18, 2015 (SAT)         2015 418 (星期六)


Time 時間

10:00 am - 12:35 pm (9:30 am - 10:00 am Registration)

上午10:00 - 中午12:35(上午9:30 - 10:00pm 登記)


Venue 地點

Hui Pun Hing Lecture Hall (Library Extension 1), HKU campus (Map)

香港大學許磐卿講堂 (地圖)


Guests of Honour


-          Mr Douglas So, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Advancement), HKU

香港大學副校長(大學拓展) 蘇彰德先生


-          Professor Michael Hui, Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President, CUHK

      香港中文大學副校長 許敬文教授


Keynote Speakers


-         Dr Albert Chau, Dean of Student Affairs, HKU

香港大學學生事務長 周偉立博士


-         Professor Kenneth Young, Master, C.W. Chu College, CUHK

香港中文大學敬文書院院長 楊綱凱教授


Sharing Session


Sharing Session from CUHK 中大校友代表分享

-     Mr Chan Cho Biu Eric, President, Chung Chi College Alumni Association
      崇基學院校友會會長 陳早標先生

-     Mr Wong Ho Chiu, President, New Asia College Alumni Association
      新亞書院校友會會長 黃浩潮先生

-     Professor Chang Song Hing, Representative, United College Alumni Association
      聯合書院校友會代表 張雙慶教授

-     Mr Chan Wai Fung, President, Shaw College Alumni Association
      逸夫書院校友會會長 陳偉峰先生

-     Summing-up by Dr Yip Kwok Hung, Convener,
      Education Affairs Sub-Committee, CUHK Convocation


Sharing Session from HKU 港大代表分享

-     Dr Eric Chong, Master, St John’s College
      聖約翰學院院長 張志明博士

-     Dr Samuel Chu, Warden, Swire Hall
      太古堂舍監 朱啟華博士

-     Mr Zhu Tao, Deputy Master, Shun Hing College
      信興學院副院長 朱濤先生

-     Summing-up by Dr Wilton Fok, Principal Investigator,
      "Professional Development and Capacity Building for Residential Education"

      "舍堂教育中的專業發展及能力建設" 計劃 首席研究員

Q&A Session Moderator



-     Mr Heung Shu Fai

Closing Remarks


-     Dr. Chan Chi Sun, CUHK Convocation Chairman
       香港中文大學校友評議會主席 陳志新博士

-     Mr. Choi Sau Yuk, HKU Convocation Chairman
       香港大學畢業生議會主席 蔡秀煜先生




Conference : Free              

Post event lunch at Senior Common Room and Centennial Campus tour (Optional)

Lunch fee: HK$160 per person. Payment to be collected upon checking in at the registration counter on the event day. Quota: 25 persons. First-come, first-served.

(The lunch and tour will start after the Conference and finish at around 2:15pm)





(午餐及校園導賞將於研討會後開始, 約於下午2:15 完結)




Cantonese (supplemented with English)

粵語 (輔以英語)