Scholarship Programmes

Scholarship programmes play a vital role in providing high quality university education to facilitate the growth of students. Over the years, friends and corporate partners of the University have been supportive in establishing various scholarship programmes under the HKU Foundation which are recognised with naming of individuals or corporations.

Indeed, scholarship fund is one of the primary ways HKU alumni and friends support the mission of the University as a comprehensive higher education institution bettering people's lives and tomorrow's communities. Please contact the Foundation secretariat for further information.

The following is some notable scholarship programmes which have been set up in recent years.

HKU Worldwide Student Exchange Programmes

The University is the first institution in the territory to launch a large-scale international exchange programme. It aims to provide undergraduate students an invaluable opportunity to gain international experience by studying abroad in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Korea, Thailand as well as the Chinese mainland. The duration of study varies from a summer to an entire academic year. The element of short-tem work internship has also been included in some of the programmes. With the support of the HKU Foundation, over 500 students participate in these exchange programmes each year.

Inchcape - HKU China Scholarship Programme

This student exchange programme, in line with the basic objectives of the HKU Worldwide scheme, promotes enhancement of mutual understanding among students from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Inchcape has funded courses on various topics, including government and politics, economics and business, and culture.


C V Starr Scholarship Fund

The establishment of the endowed "C.V. Starr Scholarship Fund" is cogent with one of the University's top strategic priorities, that of internationalisation. The "Fund" provides financial assistance to undergraduate students, based on merit, to enable greater numbers of HKU students to participate in outgoing exchange programmes at leading tertiary institutions in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

"Young Leaders of Tomorrow" Scholarships

The Programme gives due recognition to the importance of leadership qualities and extra-curricular achievements. Scholarships are offered to students, with leadership potentials in areas of community service, arts, sports, other extra-curricular activities or assuming duties in responsible positions.

The current Programme offers scholarships to 54 first-year undergraduate students for the academic year 2000-2001.


HKU Foundation Scholarships (Financial Support Programme) 

Committed to giving each and every promising student the opportunity to discover his or her true potential, the Financial Support Programme provides financial aids to talented students to study at HKU.

Based on annual return, the current programme offers 8 scholarships to undergraduate students, each valued at $10,000.


Scholarships to study Common Law at HKU

The HKU Foundation has funded scholarships for mainland Chinese scholars to study in the Postgraduate Diploma in Common Law Programme, by the Faculty of Law. Though this Programme, law teachers and lawyers from the mainland are able to study the common law of the Anglo-american world. Reception for the Class of 2000 in the Postgraduate Diploma in Common Law.


Grace Wei Huang Memorial Prize and Scholarship

The "Grace Wei Huang Memorial Prize" is established for promotion of business studies in the University of Hong Kong and consists of two kinds of awards. The first is a non-cash award to be presented each to a graduate of the HKU MBA Programme and a graduate of the HKU-Fudan University IMBA Programme, in recognition of outstanding academic performance. The other award is a scholarship presented to a Business undergraduate on the basis of academic merit, which will enable the recipient to widen his/her learning opportunities.