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Election of Members to the Standing Committee

Nominations are invited for the election of eight members to the Standing Committee at the coming Ordinary General Meeting 2016 on June 23, 2016. Each elected member will serve on the Standing Committee for a term of three years until the Ordinary General Meeting in 2019.

According to Paragraphs 26 and 28 of the Convocation Constitution, a person is eligible to be nominated for the election if he/she has been a member of Convocation for two years, and a retiring member is eligible for re-election. Paragraph 25(b) of the Convocation Constitution prohibits the Standing Committee from having more than four members who are also officers, teachers or other staff members or service providers in receipt of any salary, stipend, fee or any other form of remunerations from the University or any of its subsidiaries or other legal entities in which the University has management control or majority equity stakes.

Nomination Procedures

Paragraph 33 of the Convocation Rules requires that each candidate must be nominated in writing by at least ten members entitled to vote.

Nomination form can be downloaded from here or obtained from the Convocation Secretariat, c/o Hung Hing Ying Building, The University of Hong Kong (Email: All nominations shall be accompanied by a statement by the candidate that he/she is willing to stand for election. Each candidate is requested to attach with the nominations a brief biography of himself/herself, in English, of not more than 300 words and a copy of his/her photograph for publication to members, highlighting any involvements in serving the University or any of the University's alumni bodies in the past 5 years.

Nominations should reach the Clerk of Convocation, c/o Convocation Secretariat, Hung Hing Ying Building, The University of Hong Kong before 6 p.m. Monday, May 16, 2016. Fax or scanned copy is not a valid mode of delivery of nominations to the Clerk for this purpose.

Validity of Nomination Forms

All nomination forms shall be clearly completed with the required information and bear the original signature of the nominators.

Ordinary General Meeting Notice and Election Information

Notice of the Ordinary General Meeting 2016 and details of the Election for Standing Committee Members will be sent to members by e-mail, on newspaper advertisements and via website posting. Members are welcome to contact the Secretariat for printed copies of the notice of the Ordinary General Meeting.

E-Voting is the most efficient way to cast votes and to show support for the candidates. Members are requested to update their personal particulars at the Convocation website ( for verification purpose.

Mona TAM
Clerk of Convocation
April 25, 2016

Convocation, The University of Hong Kong ( 香港大學畢業生議會 ) is a statutory body of the University comprising all graduates and teachers.