Election of Members to the Standing Committee of Convocation

Below are the results of the Election of Eight Standing Committee Members at the OGM held on 29 June 2020:


No. of valid votes

Mr CHAN Ka Kin King 陳家健 3,778 Elected
Mr CHAN Shiu Bun Spencer 陳紹斌
3,769 Elected
Ms CHANG Wan Ki Gloria 張韻琪 3,870 Elected
Mr CHING Ming Tat Louis 程明達 152 Not-elected
Mr. CHOI Kam Lung Franky 蔡錦龍
159 Not-elected
Ms IP Yuen Yu Agnes 葉畹茹
797 Elected
Ms KHOO Pui Wun Ashley 丘培煥 799 Elected
Mr KIU Wai Fung Keith 喬偉鋒 832 Elected
Mr LAI Chun Wai Charles 黎雋維 3,778 Elected
Mr SHEE Shing Chung Eddie 舒盛宗 3,751 Elected









Total number of voters by eVoting : 4,438
Total number of voters by postal ballots : 186
Total number of voters by presence at OGM : 10
Total number of VOTERS: 4,634

According to Paragraph 28 of Convocation Constitution, the above elected members shall hold office for a term of three years, commencing immediately following the close of the Ordinary General Meeting in 2020 until the Ordinary General Meeting in 2023.

Convocation Secretariat
June 2020

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