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Spring Issue, 2017

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Message from HKU Convocation Standing Committee

Convocation Forum: Selection of President & Vice-Chancellor – Do we have a say?

With the early scheduled departure of President & Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Mathieson, HKU is searching for its next President & Vice-Chancellor. A Selection Committee for the next President & Vice-Chancellor was set up by the Council in February 2017, within which a majority of the members are elected from the stakeholders of teachers, staff, students and alumni. While the University Council is the ultimate decision-making body to appoint the next President & Vice-Chancellor, many have debated such stakeholders' degree of influence on selecting the next President & Vice-Chancellor. 

Man Cheuk Fei 文灼非 (BA 1987), the alumnus elected by Convocation in the Selection Committee for the next Vice-Chancellor in 2012, is willing to share his view with us on how the stakeholders participate in this selection process. 

Ip Kin Yuen 葉建源 (BA 1984, PCEd 1989, MEd 1995), as the alumnus "elected by Convocation" (ipso facto) , as well as Dr. Albert Chan 陳智仁 elected amongst "full-time non-professorial Teachers / academic-related staff members" to the Selection Committee for the next President and Vice-Chancellor. They would also like to take this opportunity to meet with their constituents to exchange ideas on their role in the committee.

Convocation Standing Committee is pleased to have the chance to host a forum with the above-mentioned speakers with details as follows:

Date : Friday, 25 August 2017

Time : 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm (Registration starts at 6:30 pm)

Venue : Convocation Room, 2/F Main Building, The University of Hong Kong

Rundown : Session One by Man Cheuk Fei
- On past experiences, roles and constraints of last Selection Committee for the   Next Vice-Chancellor in 2012
Session Two by Ip Kin Yuen and Dr Albert Chan
- Vision from the two members of the Selection Committee for the Next President   & Vice-Chancellor in 2017
- Q&A from participants / members

Language : English (members may ask questions in the Q&A session in English or Chinese)

Registration : Here

Playback : The event will be recorded and uploaded to the website of The University of Hong Kong Convocation for playback.
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